Best Commercial Induction Cooktop 6 Burner (220-250v)

Best Commercial Induction Cooktop 6 Burner (220-250v)

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Recalling all the beginners like me who do not have the capability of cooking, do you have the urge to be independent when the matter is cooking? Some electric cookers or commercial induction cooktop 6 burner can be a nice way to do that.

Burners are always the simplest way to cook your meal safely. But, when it comes to induction burner, I’d say efficient energy usage is at its best.

Now you might ask why one would choose a commercial induction burner? Well, they are used on large scales; for example, my father wanted to open a restaurant, and a burner was necessary. Also, they provide more power and durability support than amateur cookers.

Let’s come to the hard part. How will you know which burner is right for you? You must keep an eye on the size of the burner, wattage reading, and many more parameters before making the right decision.

So, without any further discussion, here comes an intensively researched article about the best commercial induction burner that you can choose from to make your life easier.

Induction Burner – working and benefits

The first thing you need to know is the working principle of an induction burner. The energy conversion that occurs inside of it is from electric energy to heat energy.

A suitable current magnitude is passed through the copper wire beneath the plates, which uses an electromagnetic induction process to heat the copper wire.

This process instantly heats the surface, which leads to efficient cooking. The advantage of using an induction burner over a traditional burner is that energy consumption is less in this case.

Moreover, using an induction burner has many other advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • The rate of boiling is faster
  • Smooth control of temperature
  • An induction burner is cleaned very easily
  • The burner size can be adjusted automatically

Overall Review of 10 Best Induction Burner

Down goes the name of some of the best induction burner models. They are briefly discussed from how they operate, what are their mentionable features, and many more. Are they worth some extra dollars? Time for you to find out!

Duxtop Professional Portable Induction Cooktop

This model is known as the portable induction burner. The manufacturing company Desktop uses 120V 15A electrical parameters to start up the cooker. The setting option is quite handy in this model.

There are 20 preset power and temperature levels starting from 100 to 1800W and 100 to 400-degree Fahrenheit. With all these settings and the consumption capacity, it is rated to be 83% efficient, which makes it more suitable to use than any other normal cooker.

If we look at the construction, the control panel consists of a highly modified sensor mounted on an LCD screen. The screen views the reading of temperature and power rating digitally, which makes it very easy to observe from a distance.

Moreover, the body is covered with the strongest allow-stainless steel, which gives it the required durability and reliability. The heating problem is very efficiently solved in this model because of the installed 7-blade fan. Because of the induction method, there is no chance of catching fire and burning the food you were cooking.

For this reason, Duxtop cookers are very easy to clean. From the manufacturer’s point of view, the product will bring you 100% satisfaction. The package dimension is 19.5 x 15.25 x 5.5 inches, and the cooker weighs about 14 pounds.


  • Lightweight, durable and reliable
  • Total 40 preset options of power temperature levels
  • 100% satisfaction is ensured
  • Less heating dissipating arrangements


  • The customer service is not up to the mark

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop

The maximum power wattage of this model is 1800 watts. There are magnetic coils cascaded over the 8 inches of cooking surface, which help to generate heat in the cooking pots. These processes and setups do not cause any residual heat around the surface.

One outstanding feature of this model is that it is internationally certified by NSF. This means that the NuWave products are 100% durable, and they also can absorb any considerable amount of impact because of their accredited drop test.

Additionally, the temperature control of this cooker is out of the world. Unlike any other induction burners, NuWave can cover the temperature range from 100 to 575-degree Fahrenheit with an increment of 5 degrees gradually just with a press of a button.

Have you ever heard of smart cooking? You can program your cooking styles and save them up in this model’s memory. Also, apply a delay function to let it know when to initiate the cooking procedure. These processes make your task even easier. On the other hand, you can enjoy a nice Sitcom show while your dish is being automatically cooked.

The heat is generated directly into the cookware, and so wastes no energy. In comparison, this model saves up to 90% of the wasted energy if a traditional burner was used instead, which sure sums up a nice affordable figure in your electric bill at the end of the month.


  • Startup time for the required heat is low
  • It is very easily carried to any places
  • Programmable cooking options


  • Results of noise pollution while cooking

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Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop

Another reliable induction cooker model that you can keep in option is the Max Burton Induction Cooktop. The portable, energy-efficient model allows heating with the phenomena used from the magnetic fields.

Weighing only about 6 pounds, this model features an LCD screen to display the control features. The temperature range starts from 100 degrees and can reach up to 450- degrees Fahrenheit. Not to mention, the power levels are from 1 to 10, with 10 being the maximum of 1800 watts.

Some mentionable features are a single-touch simmer and a button for the boil which can withstand 120V, 15A of electricity. You will also have the option of programming your cooking, and the Max Burton models offer you a time of a maximum of 180 minutes for the duration.

Above all, safety issues always come first. In this, the manufacturers set the internal circuits with some of the advanced protection schemes- short circuit protection, High voltage protection, Excessive heat protection, and finally, detection of unsuitable cookware so as not to damage your setups.

Focusing on the last protection, not all cookware will be suitable in this model. If the pot contains ferrous inside the coating, it is concluded to be useful on top of this induction burner.

To test this, the package comes with a magnet bar. Place the magnet on the cookware to check if it holds; you will get e green signal when there is attraction.


  • Easy to clean
  • The heating takes relatively less time
  • The touch settings are user friendly


  • The simmers installed will stop functioning after a definite amount of time

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Warmfod Electric Countertop Burner

The thing that makes the Warmfod induction burner different from all the others mentioned above is the LED screen installed display. The electrical energy input gets the voltage of 120V and the current of 15A.

The temperature sets up from 140 degrees to 465-degree Fahrenheit, and the power is dragged from 300 to 1800 Watts. Also, it has got 3 hours of countdown timer within which your meal will be cooked and stopped automatically and preventing the burning of food.

The Warmfod Electric Countertop Burner has two cooling fans which creates a better working condition. It prevents a further step in overheating compared to other models, which in turn increases the service life of the burner.

Also, to keep the user from any kind of burning on the hands, this model comes with a notation technique to warn the users about the condition of the burner. ‘L’ represents the burner is cooling down. On the other hand, ‘H’ means the burner is sufficiently hot, so one should avoid touching it. This notation technique is also known as Error Diagnostic System.

It has also been ETL proved which means that the burner will provide a smooth cooking experience that will take your skill to a whole new level. You can use this model without any worry of malfunctioning because it has got a 1-year guarantee package. In the meantime, you can switch for exchange or service offers anytime you want.


  • Comes with an Error Diagnostic System
  • Durable and longer lifespan
  • Wide range of temperature and power setting options


  • A bit expensive in comparison to others

ChangBERT Certified Commercial Durable Countertop

More freedom to come your way in choosing the right burner. Here we are talking about the best commercial induction burner, and yet we still have not mentioned ChangBERT Commercial Durable Countertop. With this model, you will have better temperature and power control, and fine responsive cooking with greater taste. Also, the process is much more efficient than any of the burners mentioned above.

The model is constructed with stainless steel, which increases durability and reliability. It reflects on the application of having the capability of supporting 100 pounds of weight.

Some functional features are worth mentioning.

  • The voltage level is 120V of 60 Hz frequency
  • It comes with 16-level increments of power starting from 300 to 1800W
  • 12 levels of temperature control- 150-to-450-degree Fahrenheit
  • The product consists of a Schott Glass type
  • The dimension is given by 12.8 inches×16.5 inches×4 inches

The multiple cooking modes allow you to cook, either keeping the power mode constant or changing the temperature from one level to another. The model also comes with a timer of 150 minutes to cook the meal and stop the burner automatically.


  • Stainless steel body increases the durability and reliability
  • Can withstand up to 100 pounds of weight
  • NFC, ETL, and FCC approved


  • The model claims to be heavyweight

Trighteach Professional Portable Induction Cooktop

Trighteach offers you a digital LED screen and sensors, which makes it easy to operate. The model is lightweight, which also makes carrying much easier. If you decide to go on camping and cook your meal in the middle of the night, this model will fit perfectly at the back of your RV.

The term ‘universal fit induction cooker’ comes in handy in this model. This model is compatible with any induction-fitted cookware available to you. Another feature is auto-pan detection; this allows the burner to shut down automatically when there is no cookware or the type of cookware is wrong.

The timer includes the option of 10 minutes incremental up to 180 minutes; this will make your food ready while you set up your tent at the night. The touch lock function ensures that no children get any kind of burn while cooking, and additionally, it comes with multiple safety protection.


  • LED screen which is very easy to operate
  • Touch lock option to keep the family members around safe
  • Ceramic-type materials increase the durability


  • The model is heavyweight

Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop

The best things are always preserved for the last. Yes! The Mai Cook brings a high-power wattage induction burner. The rating is 3500 W which gives you the operating voltage of 220V and the current remaining 15A as before.

The power control range starts from 400W to 3500W with 13 slide control, and the temperature range is given from 140 to 464-degree Fahrenheit. The model also comes with an overheat sensor and the auto shut-off option for the perfectly cooked meal.

The construction is mainly based on stainless steel, which provides more durability and increases the lifespan of the burner. The item weighing about 12 pounds, it can conclude that this model will be a bit hard to carry to places. The product dimension is given as 16.14 x 18.9 x 4.33 inches.

With the level of simplicity and safety that it provides, one can say spending a little bit extra dollars would not hurt. The coils that this model consists of produce higher efficiency of heating and require less time to heat the cookware.


  • Digital display to view the controls from the distance
  • Contains overheat sensor
  • Stainless steel provides a longer lifespan


  • The model is expensive

True Induction 240V 3200-Watt Commercial Single Induction Cooktop

With the help of a true induction commercial single induction cooktop, you can turn yourself from an amateur chef to a master chef. The timer that it allows will make the order ready in no time. The model also comes with quick touch level selection, which allows fast changes in your cooking processes without any worry about the complex settings.

The reason behind this is that they are finely modified by engineers and experts so that your restaurant does not receive a bad claim of the order. The stainless-steel body means it will provide service in your kitchen for a long period.

The rating of the motor is given by 240V operating voltage and the power wattage of 3200W. The model construction comes with adjustable legs and holes to finely fit in the wall. This process takes up very little space in your kitchen, so you can install some other equipment for your restaurant.


  • Designed to perform heavy-duty induction cooking for serving heavy dishes
  • Smooth display and electric control with the touch of a single switch
  • Stainless steel adds the durability and reliability property


  • Comparatively smaller range of temperature control

LKZAIY 3500W / 220V Commercial Induction Cooktop

Statistically speaking, LKZAIY has the maximum appearance in many restaurants, according to my intensive research. Among all the best commercial induction burners, this model has the top rating.

With the maximum temperature control of 464 degrees F and the auto shut-off function, there are no more extra attractive features to offer by any other models. The coils for the electromagnetic induction process are made from purer copper, which ensures good retention of heat.

Do you want something more? Or have you seen it all? With the design proposed by the manufacturing company, it is very easy to clean the cooktop. Additionally, the control panels are waterproof so that you do not have to worry about spilling any kind of water during your busy hours.

Use it as you own it! LKZAIY will provide you with the right amount of power to get your dish ready to be served. No matter what the watt reading is, it will leave no burn marks on the food.


  • There is no transfer of heat through the core, so no worry of food getting burnt
  • Very easy process to setup
  • Copper maintains good heat retention, thus increasing efficiency


  • The model weighs 25 pounds, and hence it is heavyweight

ECOTOUCH Commercial Induction Cooktop

Next in line for the competition is the ECO TOUCH commercial induction cooktop. The power output results from 3500W, and the coils are arranged in such a way that the heat is transferred directly to the cookware for efficient cooking.

Not to mention, 13 power levels can be controlled with one switch very smoothly. The model comes with an LCD screen, and the stainless-steel construction increases its durability and reliability.

Keeping the safety issue in mind, ECO TOUCH provides you the preheat time, and this thing will not transfer heat unless any cookware is placed on top of it. It also features a child lock system to prevent any kind of accident on children.

From the manufacturer’s point of view, it is designed to operate at its highest efficiency and provide updated performance and fine safety. The cooktop is applied on surfaces such as copper, steel, glass, and many more.


  • Temperature and power control with 10 degrees and Watt increment
  • The model is portable and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around
  • The high power rating of 3500W


  • Expensive model

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Things To Look For While Buying An Induction Burner

While looking for the best commercial induction burner, now is the time to look for the factors that define a perfect burner model. Among many things, the most important thing to look for is the power rating.

With electric ranges being expensive and the gas being hazardous to creating flames, this is where induction cooking takes place, which maintains the pace and efficiency of the cooking.

However, there is one disadvantage to induction cooking. Most standard bus voltage in the United States uses 120 volts, while some models of commercial burners require 240 volts. In that case, you will need an additional power supply to boost the voltage and then feed it to the burner which makes this process a bit expensive.

Down goes the list of some factors, which will give you a better understanding of how to choose the best commercial induction burner.

  • Budget

Above all, this factor will matter the most. A short tip while buying a burner is that it does not only target the price of the burner but also accounts for its installation price.

  • Size

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you should decide what size of burner you want. The available sizes start from 28 cm to 90 cm. Make sure to account for enough space so that you can move freely after the installation.

  • Controls

It is the most crucial and fun part. The control scheme comes with knobs, and buttons, and some models offer a touch screen. Go for the option that you are most comfortable with.

  • Temperature controlling

There are both manual and automated versions with a certain magnitude of increment. If you want your life to be easier, our suggestion will always be to reach for the automatic option.

  • Outlook

Go for the color of the burner that will fit most perfectly with your kitchen, and make sure the paint is easily noticeable from the distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you compare a commercial induction cooktop and a commercial induction range?

The main difference is that the cooktop has a cooking surface, while the range also comes with an attached oven.

What is the electricity consumption by an industrial induction cooker?

The answer depends on the power rating, which varies according to the model. But it is assured that they are more efficient than traditional induction burners.

How can we distinguish between single and dual-zone induction cooktops?

A dual-zone has two cooking spots- one for a smaller dish and the other for if you want to serve a group of people at once. As for the single zone, you must switch to either site manually, which is time-consuming.

How to define a commercial induction burner?

It is defined just like a traditional burner, but only it is safer and much more efficient when it comes to retaining the heat.

Do professional chefs apply the induction method during cooking?

Nowadays, induction cooking is common among many professional chefs. It is famous among them for fast heating and precise heat control.

Which is the largest induction cooktop until now?

The answer lies within the Thermador’s new cooktop which is worth 5000 dollars and can cover a wide range of cooking surfaces.


Best commercial induction burners consist of durable materials and a large surface area for stress-free cooking. It is necessary to find out about the advanced features like automatic time setting, variable temperature, power controls, etc.

Once you have the realization of switching to a commercial induction burner, go through all the points mentioned above and take your bet. You will not regret it!

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