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Benefits of Doing a Juice Cleanse

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It has been proven that anybody who lives in a cluttered space finds it difficult to have a relaxed mind. To have a clear mind and a less complicated life, it is necessary to declutter your life and your surroundings. Living in a cluttered space drains us emotionally from our positive energy.

It builds up negative energy and makes it difficult for us to think clearly. We then start to take wrong decisions. Cluttering will also cause sickness down the road. Cancer is built that way; cancer is old energy that you hold on to, like old grudges and feelings. This is how cancer is created I think in my deepest beliefs.

Declutter your life why should you declutter your life and your surroundings?

Decluttering can help you achieve safer surroundings and a healthier outlook. It is an interesting connection that I would like to share with you. You will be getting hands-on tips from a professional family who are in the profession of letting go constantly and living a very light life in many regards. Be it internally or externally we need to let things go.

Be it things in our surroundings or thoughts in our mind, we need to let go and bring in new things. We are a traveling family and yet all we own is two suitcases.

How can we declutter?

  • At the beach with our kids here are the 5 tips:
  • Just go through your stuff especially through your cellar and the roof, the rule of thumb here is if you haven’t touched anything for half a year, just let it go. If you continue to hoard up, you will end up with stuff that you no longer need anyway.
  • Before taking in new stuff always ask yourself if you really need this right now in your life or is it something that you might need at some point in time.
  • If you take on new stuff, make sure it is something that will enhance your life experience. Like you don’t eat food that does not make you feel good, don’t take on stuff that does not feel good.
  • Generally, this is extreme advice and has served my family and me very well, I do not believe in storage at all. You should live a life where you are surrounded by things you need on a daily basis. All those things that you store you know, thinking just in case, better to let it go.
  • If you really need something it will come to you as you will have an open mind and an open space to receive it. Many people gather stuff for bad days, this comes from a fear-based mindset which does not create health and abundance.


I believe that things will be there when you need them and you will have the energy money and time to just go out there and get them if you need them. So trust, let go and be cautious about the things that you take on in your life. Make sure you surround yourself with little things you need and you love. So these are things that you can do to de-clutter your life and make your life healthy.

Benefits of Doing a Juice Cleanse

detox juice cleanse

A juice cleanses, also known as juicing, is a safe yet powerful fasting method with many health benefits.

Unlike many fasting methods that require you to starve yourself, the juice cleanse allows you to consume as many liters of juice as you want and need to keep yourself strong and hunger-free.

Consuming only fresh fruit and vegetable juices for a particular set of time has the following advantages:


The first and foremost benefit of doing a juice cleanse is that it is a great detoxifying tool. Over the years, our body accumulates harmful substances and toxins that gradually create health problems.

We rarely give a chance to the body to get rid of mental clarity Benefits of Doing a Juice Cleansetoxins and heal.

Doing a juice cleanse through freshly squeezed veggies and fruits will clear the toxins and heal every organ effectively. Juice cleansing is a gentle yet powerful way to detoxify the body.

Super Charged Immunity:

The immune system is the body’s police force and one of the benefits of doing a juice cleanse is to charge the immune system. The antioxidants and other vital nutrients in the juices support our body to make it strong against ailments.

The juice cleanses supercharges our body with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, good fatty acids, and more. A single day of juice cleanse contains nutrients more than a week’s meal for an average American.

Mental Clarity:

A juice cleanse clears the nervous system of all toxins and bad substances which in turn has a positive mental effect. You feel fresh and clear when you wake up and you feel more confident about yourself.

Mental clarity due to the juice cleanse offers a fresh perspective on life, clarifies who you are and what you want to be. You will find yourself having a better relationship with yourself and with the people around you.

Emotional Stability:

One of the most common problems that people face today is emotional instability. Doing a juice cleanse is an effective way to make you emotionally healthy.

Mood swings in women and men’s problems with expressing their emotions and feelings can be solved through proper juice cleanse. It cuts off the highs and lows of the emotional turbulence and helps you stay in touch with yourself and brings out the child in you.

Benefits of Doing a Detox Juice Cleanse

Overcoming Food cravings: This is one of the most powerful benefits of doing a juice cleanse. This is a great opportunity to rethink and restructure your eating habits.

The juice cleanse helps in breaking bad eating habits and addictions. Drinking gallons of juice every day stops the body from craving unhealthy junk.

Weight Loss:

People love to lose weight and a juice cleanse is the safest way to lose the unhealthy fat around the belly and get rid of wobbly arms. The body generates new tissues, the muscles and skin get toned and all the bad fat is lost due to juicing.

While many other weight loss methods drain the body of nutrients and strength, a juice cleanse boosts the strength and nutrients in the body.

Why Juices Are Better Than Smoothies

juices vs smoothies

One of the biggest parts of a healthy diet is eating a lot of leafy greens. A lot of people also go for green juices. Juices are better than smoothies when it comes to nutrition.

You can make juice out of barley grass, spinach, kale, and any other leafy green. You need a special juicer to do it – fruit and vegetable juicers won’t do a good job on leaves or grasses. Why Juices Are Better Than Smoothies Juicing removes all of the pulp, or fiber, from fruits and vegetables. It extracts the juice and most of the vitamins and minerals.

Those vitamins and minerals are a lot more easily absorbed by your body when the plant fiber is removed, so juicing is a great option if you want to get concentrated nutrients. Your stomach doesn’t get filled up with pulp, so you can drink a lot more juiced greens than you could in a smoothie. This is why juices are better than smoothies.

Juicing can also be better for people who don’t like the texture of smoothies, especially ones made in a regular blender. High-speed blenders cost a lot but make a very smooth texture and you can use cheesecloth to strain out the fiber to essentially make juice.

A green smoothie is made by a blender instead of a juicer. An example would be blending kale, spinach, avocados, celery, and water, and then drinking it all. The main reason why people prefer a green smoothie over green juice is that they want fiber. A green smoothie retains all of the fiber, and fiber is very important for the elimination.

Green Juice Vs Smoothie – Why juices are better than smoothies

juices vs smoothies

One of the main advantages of juice is that it requires next to no digestion and can be absorbed and assimilated immediately into the bloodstream, allowing the digestive system to rest. This important quality of juice allows it to be used by people who suffer from severe nutritional deficiencies or have a highly irritable digestive system.

People with these conditions often cannot tolerate any fiber at all, and juice may provide invaluable nourishment for them. The juice is basically a smoothie with the fiber removed. This means that fresh green juices are an opportunity to seriously load up on nutrients, at much higher densities than with smoothies.

If you’re in need of a way to quickly and dramatically improve your health, perhaps because you’re fighting disease, then you should go with green juice, hands down. Smoothies require only a blender. A quality high-speed blender will save time but any blender can work.

Blenders generally cost less than juicers and can be used for a lot of things in the kitchen beyond just making smoothies. Juicers, in contrast, are more complicated machines and so tend to cost more and are usually used only for juicing.

I think having both machines and drinking both juice and smoothies is the ideal way to go. They really do different things for different purposes, and both are important. I hope you found this article helpful, check out the article and give me a thumbs up if you liked it, Cheers to a healthy life!

Summer Juice Detox Cleanse Youtube Series

summer juice detox cleanse

Regardless of lifestyle, food, and other habits, the body tends to accumulate toxins and harmful substances over a period of time. These toxins gradually start affecting our health in many ways.

Stress, weight gain, fatigue, irritability, fluctuating blood pressure, reduced immunity and insomnia are some of the problems caused by the toxins in the body. It is, therefore, necessary to cleanse the body and get rid of all the toxins to keep ourselves healthy and happy.

Although there are many detox tools and methods, the safest and healthiest way is to do a summer juice detox cleanse.

Summer Juice Detox Cleanse

The juice detox cleanse is the process of consuming only juices from fresh vegetables and fruits. This diet supplements the body with undisturbed nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and more.

Cooking makes the ingredients lose their nutritional value as the enzymes in the food are destroyed by heat. But juices retain the nutrients as they are, hence the juice detox is one of the safest yet healthiest ways to detoxify the body while losing weight.

The digestive system becomes less effective as toxins accumulate in the body. So it is not very effective to detox the body with fruits and vegetables in their solid form.

Juices get quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and this is what makes the summer juice Detox cleanse the most effective and quickest body cleansing process.

The Juice Detox Challenge:

A juice detox cleanse is one of the popular fasting methods as it detoxifies the body and promotes weight loss without any side effects. I usually take up a 14-day juice detox cleanse challenge, consuming nothing but juices made from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I have experienced significant results physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The complete juice diet makes the skin more radiant, improves sleep, weight loss, charged up the immune system, improved memory, and concentration, good hair and nails, improved relationships with others, reduced stress, and improves clarity at work.

juice Summer Juice Detox Cleanse Youtube series the juice detox cleanse challenge originally ran from 14th to 28th August 2018 and I invite you all to join me in the challenge. But you can participate later or take up the challenge even for a day or two.

You will not be alone in it as people from all over the world will be taking up this challenge with me. I have posted videos and articles on how to do a juice detox, how to deal with food cravings, recipes, and more.

Note: If you are looking for Delicious Rice Recipes From Around The World then just click here.

Make your commitment to the challenge by subscribing to my YouTube channel for free and we will do this together. Start by getting rid of all the foods from your kitchen so they won’t tempt you when you are on the juice diet. Invest your money on vegetables and fruits than buying unwanted and unhealthy canned foods. Check this article: foods to avoid with diabetes and high cholesterol

This Detox challenge is the best decision you will ever make for your own well-being, so start today and together we will start our juice Detox challenge.

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