Top 10 Best Toaster Oven Air Fryer Made In USA of 2022

Top 10 Best Toaster Oven Air Fryer Made In USA of 2022

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If you are a crunchy and crispy food lover then you are in the right place! Deep fry is delicious! Yea, it is true that deep fry can also bring the taste of crunchy and crispy! Who doesn’t want a small oil and healthy keto food crunchy and crispy with smartly using the best toaster oven air fryer made in USA? Yea! It’s the place for healthy diet people.

Innovation makes our life easy and smart. On a small surface using a little oil, you can smartly cook your food. The toaster oven air fryer included a  powerful fan that spread the heat to the area of the toaster and made the food fry and moist from the upper and down of the food. A best toaster oven air fryer can help you to find out crunchy and crispy healthy food. If you are looking for a multipurpose appliance for your kitchen then we brought you here multifunctional kitchen appliances and so on. If you are in a rush then just glance at it.

Best Toaster Oven Air Fryer Made In The USA

We started our research with the best budget toaster oven air fryer brands like Cuisinart, Dash Daft, Breville, hamilton beach, Chefman, NutriChef, Ninja, COSORI, etc. Then we further looked at the brand from these top brands.

A few of the products that we particularly looked at:

  • Cuisinart TOA-65 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver
  • DASH DAFT Chef Series Air Fry Oven, Stainless Steel
  • Breville BOV900BSS Convection And Air Fry Oven
  • 16.9qt Family Size Air Fryer Countertop Oven, Black
  • Hamilton Beach 31344D Roll-Top Door Toaster Oven 4-Slice, Silver
  • Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel/Black
  • NutriChef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL, Black- PKAIRFR75
  • Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 Digital, Toaster, Air Fryer, Stainless Steel/Black
  • Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Air Fryer, Silver
  • COSORI 12-in-1 Oven Air Fryer Combo, Convection Toaster, Silver

Our Best Main Picks

1) Cuisinart TOA-65 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver

When you found your air fryer is getting old, so just come to Cuisinart TOA -65 air fryer toaster. It is the best toaster oven for toasting, making it easier for you without using oil like chicken nuggets, french fries, snacks, and veggies. The large-capacity with 1800wt motor air fryer toaster oven fries up to 3lb.

The features provide a full-size toaster oven. Air fryer functions work on wings, fries, nuggets, snacks, and veggies. The multifunctional feature like a range of low temperatures that lets users proof dough, dehydrate foods, control air fryer fan interior light, and a digital screen. Time is adjusted by the digital monitor. It included a toaster rack, a nonstick baking tray, and an air fryer basket.

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  • The preheat option is quick.
  • Unique customization cook by the air fryer.
  • Controlling cook and dehydrated.
  • The digital monitor controls the bake, toast, preheat, and dual cook.
  • Dual cook option.
  • It is the upgraded version of TOA-60.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Supervise the fan from minimum to maximum.
  • The interior light keeps an eye on the food while cooking like a Cuisinart toa-60 air fryer toaster oven with the light.
  • Easily run the toaster oven fryer for 5-7 family members.
  • Metal knobs like the best toaster oven air fryer.


  • It reduces moisture in most of the food.
  • Overcooked while using the customization of the heat.
  • 20.3lbs heavy to move.
  • It makes noise after using a month.
  • Both layers don’t fry at a time.

2) DASH DAFT Chef Series Air Fry Oven, Stainless Steel

This little chef series air fryer oven is so handy to cook in french fry, chicken fry, pizza, and so on. You can get the features of the best toaster oven air fryer 2022 in the DASH DAFT chef series air fryer oven. 23L capacity can easily arrange large family members’ hunger. The air fryer 1450wt includes an air fryer basket which services amazingly by moving roundly and frying both layers super crispy.

It is heated with 6 heating ingredients and 2 thermostats that offer consistent cooking. This combination is the best toaster oven air fryer combo 2022. You can enjoy 7 in one appliance air fry, bake, broil, toast, warm-up up to 450 degrees, convection bake, and rotisserie.


  • This cute air fryer’s strong fan reduces 75% less fat than traditional deep frying.
  • The stainless steel oven looks beautiful.
  • Very quick and easy to set up.
  • Manual direction comfortable controlling.
  • Clean up nicely.
  • The special feature of the DASH DAFT is the large air fryer basket.
  • It takes a small space for your kitchen
  • Some suggest the best toaster oven air fryer consumer reports before buying it as your kitchen tool.


  • Toaster oven air fryer isn’t controlled in digital.
  • Can’t cooks one and a half pounds of the food.
  • Rotisserie built inside of the machine is crazy innovative.
  • By cooking an air fryer takes longer than regular fry.
  • A little bit loud fan.
  • The chicken with 3.5-4 pounds cant spin a full circle. It’s touching the top of the heating elements.

3) Breville BOV900BSS Convection And Air Fry Oven

1800 WT Breville includes multifunctional features in a single product with a 2-speed convection fan, one is super and another is regular. These two fans give a nice cooking control. You can get a greater volume of air to ensure fast heat distribution.

The air fryer provides you with a nice dehydrating and roasting food. It can realize by element IQ the heating power where it needed the upper and below. The interior of Breville is large in size. The display of it is an LCD monitor. Super-versatile with 13 cooking functions offers an extraordinary feature to the users.


  • Versatile taste on the Breville Convection oven.
  • Why do you think that you buy only a convection oven and only fryer, where you can find the best toaster oven air fryer combinations in one place. Breville is that type of super convection oven where you can find both features and find the variation.
  • The large capacity of the Breville can serve fry for your full family at a time.
  • Easily cleaning racks.
  • Appearance-wise it is a beautiful appliance for your kitchen which is the best toaster oven air fryer convection
  • The large window and internal light make using the oven in the darkroom.
  • The oven has two rubber bumper to secure the oven
  • Magnet on both sides of the door window.


  • Slightly less efficient than regular convection.
  • The oven needs a vent attachment.
  • Higher speed wouldn’t work best for an air fryer.

4) 16.9qt Family Size Air Fryer Countertop Oven, Black

You wanted to cook for your family! Here are the complete full family packages. 16.9qt Family Size Air Fryer Countertop Oven offers you the most attractive feature. Powerful 1800wt motor and 16L capacity including 10 pre-set functions, an LCD monitor, to overlook the cook, and 12 accessories including a rotating basket.

The feature describes enough space for family-sized meals. The oven includes 24hr and temperature control between 90-400 degrees F. The auto-shutoff function prevents overcooking and overheating. The pulldown door looks after the cook without leaking the heat. You can avoid unwanted incidents by using FDA-grade material.

The drip tray can take excess oil. The most amazing feature is that you can get 12 accessories like an air fryer, 3 wire racks, wire basket, drip pan, 10 skewers, rotisserie shaft, oven mitt, rotating basket, skewer rack set(L/R), rotisserie fork set, handle, tongs and basting brush.


  • Large interior to cook a whole chicken, turkey, and family meal.
  • The drip tray.
  • Interesting versatile cook setting cooks food in the healthiest way by minimizing 85% fats.
  • Best for the rotisserie for its easy handling.
  • Multitasking at the same time.
  • Convenient cook and clean.
  • Super performing air frying basket.
  • Controlling interior light.
  • Best uses for best toaster oven air fryer rotisserie


  • The drip pan is a little shallow for meats and chicken.
  • Not fit for large cook rotisseries.
  • The spinning motor doesn’t work for heavy material.
  • It’s not a safe person to use a pacemaker and hearing aid.
  • Cook a longer time

5) Hamilton Beach 31344D Roll-Top Door Toaster Oven 4-Slice, Silver

The feature of Hamilton Beach describes that the roll-top door moves up and out. So food can easily and safely access the oven during, before, and after cooking. The door is removable to clean easily. It fits for 4-slices of toast and 9 inches of pizza. It functions for baking, broiling, and toast. They included 2 racks and a baking pan for cooking. It has a front-access crumb tray to clean.

The hamilton beach air fryer toaster oven with the grip knobs makes it easy to change the function and simple cooking of bake, broil, and toast. Since the door opens and frees your countertop areas. The auto-shut function starts after cooking and the time range is 30 minutes.


  • This cute and unique small toaster is the best toaster oven with 4 slices for a small family.
  • A Rolltop door can easily access the food.
  • Clean easily.
  • It has a front-access crumb tray that easily slides out.
  • The unique style of the knobs gives the safety of a stable temperature.
  • The most sensible and functional design for the users.
  • Its size is Handy.
  • It works well with the reheating function.
  • High air circulation, better and faster cook.


  • Small durability of the toaster.
  • The top burner of the toaster is close to the food, so some users said it burns or smokes their food and are also not satisfied with the cook of the toaster.
  • Not satisfying temperature.
  • No compact door to keep heat.
  • It gets extremely hot on the outside even on toasting.

6) Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel/Black

When you need to tidy up your kitchen, the Chefman air fryer toaster is the solution for you. This appliance offers you a multifunctional opportunity to clean up your kitchen. The 25L capacity with 1700wt and 120volt is best for extra guests and a full family. The interior space fits for 6-slice toasts and roasts 5.5lb chicken. It can cook 98% less oil than a traditional deep fryer. The high-speed fan provides the desired fried food and fries. The toaster oven is shut off when the door is opened. The interior wall is non-stick, so it’s easy to clean up.

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  • You are busy! Rush! Then This toaster oven gives you 200-400 degrees F temperature.
  • It also provides 7 presets options for your kitchen task calmly.
  • Automatics shuts up.
  • Fantastic crispy frying of the chicken fry, french fry, and egg rolls with small oil.
  • Time-saving always.
  • Cooked evenly.
  • The working capacity of this oven is amazing!
  • This toaster oven gives the right feedback.
  • The lights only come when it is cooking.
  • Oh! you wanted to campaign or travel; with a toaster oven! Chefman toaster oven offers you a portable oven.


  • The front door becomes hot.
  • The knob isn’t working well and getting too hot.
  • Small duration
  • The analog timer cannot provide an accurate time.
  • The loud noise.
  • The racks and grids are not set up accurately.
  • The rubber feet leave marks all over the countertop.
  • The 1500wt of power is lower.

7) NutriChef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL, Black- PKAIRFR75

You wanted to be a slim figure! Then this nice pod-shaped air fryer power with 1350wt and 120v power supply takes a small space for your small kitchen. It reduces low-level fat while cooking. Its digital operating system feels so easy to operate like your child can do this so nicely. All the settings are set according to your menu.

You can cook chicken, french fry, shrimp fry and also bake and more. The basket is made on nonstick material Teflon and is easy to clean. The Rapide air circulation fan works nicely. You can change the time and temperature by yourself. The temperature range is 180-400degree F. 5.3L capacity air fryer included an air fryer,slide-out frying basket, stirring blade attachment, and grill pan plate.


  • It can easily move and handling because of its shape and digital monitor
  • Lots of interior rooms which can bring you comfort in cooking drumsticks, fish, and ribs.
  • The toaster offers you multi-fried and air-fried food very well.
  • It cuts the time of the deep frying.
  • It is secure and safe for placement in any corner of the table.
  • It has a nonstick Teflon removable basket which is easy to clean.
  • The air fryer has a digital LCD panel where you input time, and temperature.


  • Improper temperature.
  • No window to check your food progress while cooking.
  • As it is a digital touch screen, you can not work with the touch screen when your hand is engaged in oil.

8) Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 Digital, Toaster, Air Fryer, Stainless Steel/Black

Oh! Messy kitchen? So, No tension! Ninja Foodi comes with incredible features with 8-in-1 multifunction and takes up 50% less space when you flip up. The Digital toaster provides an air fryer, toaster, air roast, bake, air broil, bagel, dehydrate, and keep warm. It keeps warm with the 1800wt powerful motor.

The air fryer reduces almost 75% of fat in your cooking. It cooks 60% faster than a traditional convection oven and 60 seconds for preheating. Full meals can be in your hand within 20 minutes. Its optimum performance on the controlled temperature, heat source, and air fryer. Easy to clean and store in your corner nicely and smartly.


  • Ninja Foodi Multifunctional makes it easy to enjoy all your favorite foods.
  • 13×13 sheet pan has the capacity to make a full meal, pizza, fry fish, chicken, broccoli, and potato for your family at a time.
  • The time-saving and productive rack can toast 9 slices of bread at a time.
  • The air fryer dehydrates the pizza sheet and broccoli nicely.
  • .Window with the monitoring light.
  • The crumb tray included can catch your access and keep your oven clean and washable.
  • It cooks without any scent of your cook.
  • A cooking fan cools down the unit.
  • Easy cleaning


  • It doesn’t so crispy in the chicken fry.
  • The upper body and the looking glass of the oven are going too hot.
  • The interior height is so poor to grill chicken!
  • The air fryer reeked without any smell.
  • Some parts are not easy to clean like the bottom heating elements.

9) Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Air Fryer, Silver

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection toaster air fryer comes to the market as the culinary and signature and most trusted kitchen appliance. The sleek and smart material-coated-looking convection toaster provides the feature of an air fryer and convection toaster. The included tools are the signature tools of the Cuisinart like the toaster rack, nonstick baking tray, and air fryer basket.

The capacity of the toaster is 1800wt. There are two heating elements on the bottom and four on the top and power indicators light. There are four knobs indicating different, timer of range 60 min, the temperature of range 450, function, and toast. The light is on the backside of the oven and only turns on when the door is closed. There are vents on both sides of the oven and make sure that it should be open. The crumb tray is on the bottom and slid on to clean.


  • The entire looks nice and clean and the knobs are soft to use.
  • You can be able to cook 3lb of food and cook 12 inches of pizza,4lb chicken, and toast up to 6 slices.
  • You can use 9 inches bake oven which fits perfectly.
  • You can toast 6 slices at a time.
  • The potatoes gonna be evenly fried on the air fryer.
  • Auto turn-of and on.
  • Looking window
  • Easy to clean
  • pretty healthy to cook
  • The largest surface area.
  • We find Cuisinart is in the best toaster oven air fryer reviews


  • Takes a longer time
  • The top of the fry is brown.
  • Inappropriate timer.

10) COSORI 12-in-1 Oven Air Fryer Combo, Convection Toaster, Silver

When you are looking for a combo where you can find an air fryer, convection toaster with rotisserie, and toaster, the COSORI 12-in-1 oven air combo is your first option. Because this combo toaster oven gives you a variety to your cooking menu. Through the air fryer, you can enjoy food more silently than another air fryer. Large 30L capacity with 1800wt 120V. You can get the largest air fryer basket, crumb tray, food tray, wire rack, rotisserie fork set, and rotisserie handle. You can control the precision heat with the digital LED screen and interior light. Easy to clean up.


  • It comes with two fan settings and 3 rack placements.
  • Super controlling temperature with 5 heating temperature range 80-450 degree
  • The fan is very quiet even on the high when your child is sleeping.
  • The heating materials are used with metals.
  • Its pros are that it does not heat up your kitchen like the conventional oven.
  • The basket of the CASORIA is awesome!
  • The best toaster oven air fryer combo is a super powerful controlling fan in need of high temperatures to make tasty and delicious food.
  • Budget-friendly best air fryer toaster oven under $100.


  • It takes a longer time.
  • The oven is getting super hot on the outside and also on the glass.
  • The rotisserie only rates 5lb.
  • It’s tough to clean the baking pan and fryer basket.
  • It’s large and takes a lot of counter space.
  • The knob’s material is cheap plastic.
  • As the oven is pre-set with 12 programs and cannot be re-set it

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Buyers Guide & Reviews

  • Cord Length

Before buying kitchen appliances just ensure that the length of the cord or plug is long. Sometimes the length of the appliances remains short and they can not at all reach the switchboard of your kitchen. Because when you choose a toaster or combination of oven or toaster, sometimes it is getting canceled for this. So pin it to your mind.

  • Power

Another concern for you is that the oven’s watt and volt measurements are suited to your kitchen switchboard. If not suited then you have to change your choice or change your switchboard. Because the mismatching of the watt and volt of your switchboard and oven damage your lovely kitchen appliance. It was an accident. So for the sake of your family’s safety think about it before buying. In this sense, you buy the best toaster oven air fryer for your family.

  • Air Fan

When you want to buy an air fryer keep in mind that the air fan circulates the heat into the whole oven and fry. A small air fan circulates the air fastly and spreads the heat toward the foods. Toast, french fry gonna crunchy through the use of air fryer. So keep in mind the importance of an air fryer.

  • Rotisserie

If you have a prior choice for the rotisserie cornish hens in the toaster oven, then keep in mind that the spinner is spinning wholly and has enough space for the interior.

If you can use it properly to turn over food during cooking, you get good air frying results. Many come with multiple functions, including a rotisserie oven, making it easier to cook chicken dishes.

  • Looking Window

You can look after the cooking progress through the window. It helps you look after the cooking progress.

  • Interior space

The interior space is important. It reduces your time, helps you work smoothly, and provides the same tase among the food items. During cleaning the large interior space helps you to wipe the oven easily and to stay healthy. The interior flat surface is 45% to fit for 13 inches pizzas and 9 slices for the toaster and 6 chicken breast

  • Easy Cleaning

Before buying the air fryer oven think twice about the oven that it can be easily clean-the air fryer basket. Just soak it in the hot water and wipe it with a damp cloth.

  • Timer

The range of the timer is 60 minutes and the range of the timer is warm to 450 degrees. The small portion of time and temperature is flexible for the perfect cook. Which lets you choose your cooking modes. As a result, bake sourdough bread, sear protein, and maintain perfect roasting temperatures throughout your cooking process.

  • Heat Capacity

The convection oven penetrates the heat to the center of the food. So remind this technique before buying. Because cooking capacity depends on it.

  • Automatic

This feature helps to work smoothly during a heavy time. When you open the door the machine is turned off and turned on when you close the door.

  • Knob

The function knob indicates 7 function -warm,broil,convection broil,toast ,bake ,convection bake,and air fry.The last knob indicates the toaster by choosing 3 different shades light, medium, and dark. Before buying the oven check that it works properly.

  • How fast toaster

How fast toaster oven toast at a time at a maximum amount ?-concerned about it while buying a toaster oven.

  • Safety

And how much an oven provides the highest safety to your family, just keep in mind.

  • Coated Material

Sleek and coated material extend the beauty of the oven. The entire body is coated with the material that helps you to clean easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best air fryer toaster oven combo?

When you want to taste the combo then  COSORI 12-in-1 Oven Air Fryer Combo will be your solution. Because  COSORI offers you 12 cooking items with 12 unique settings like pizza, roast, air-fry, toast, bagel, bake, broil, cookies, rotisserie, ferment, and keep warm. Also added that,12 cupcakes, 12 inches of pie, 5 pounds whole chicken, 2 pounds chicken wings, 2-pounds chicken fries, and 5 pounds beef roast. The window of this combo is perfect to check your cooking progress.

Are our toaster oven air fryers any good?

You can say goodbye to the mess and welcome to the multifunctional toaster oven. If you are looking for a multipurpose appliance then you can get the same results as the traditional convection oven does. When your food is ready your oven automatically shuts up when the door is opened and makes you worry less. The air fryer is fine when used with chicken fry, french fry, and egg rolls and gives a crispy result without not using a drop of oil. The toaster oven performs perfectly in a short time. The results of the food’s taste are the genuine flavor of the food maintained through the toaster oven.

Are toaster ovens and air fryers the same?

No, The regular convection oven works faster and is crispy but slightly less efficient than regular convection.

Can you use an air fryer like a toaster oven?

You can use an air fryer like a toaster oven to make your occupied life more convenient. You can achieve the real taste of food by cooking with this toaster. It prepares more delicious food than a traditional oven. The air fryer makes the food crispy and making moist and delicious. You can use it as a bake or broil, and great for dessert and pastry.

What are different convection ovens and air fryer ovens?

convection oven air fryer is the oven where you can find both features and find the variation

Why do you need a Combo toaster oven?

Small families or single people can easily handle this toaster oven in a small kitchen. Sometimes the combination of a multifunctional oven covers the big family. The best toaster oven air fryer is an example. In this aspect, you can take Chefman chef IQ 20-liter dual cook air fryer toaster oven.

What is the best countertop convection oven air fryer?

Breville convection oven is the best countertop convection oven air fryer where you can find both features and find the variation. Because it has a digital control panel. Digital controls all the best air fryer toaster ovens offer digital controls on their panel.

What is the need for interior space?

So before buying it, you have to be aware of your wish to make a whole chicken grill. But you can do all the other cooking with chicken. Air fry, rotisserie, dehydrate, toast, reheat, roast, broil, slow cook, and reheat your way to chef-quality meals. If you want circulation of hot air in the cooking chamber also brings down the cooking time. This will be done very easily within the allotted cooking time.

How can I clean the Oven?

Cleaning is important to every user. Especially the topper and the heating element. You can completely clean the front door finishing your cooking with a simple use of a dishwasher.


Nowadays people are so faster and smarter in technology. People are using the newest kitchen appliances to make life easier and faster. There are so many bulky kitchen appliances in the marketplace to decorate your kitchen. The pod-shaped oven or combination of a convection oven and air fryer, toaster to fry food with a little oil and less oil increases the taste of the food like chicken fry, french fry, rotisserie, bakes and also saves the space of your kitchen.

You can make breakfast, launch, and dinner without any mess as it has multifunction. The oven can accommodate the food of your child after school-snacks, toast, frozen pizzas, or homemade meals for your child. The adding accessories offer you a smooth and nice feeling in the cook.

Sometimes it is small on the surface; you cannot serve a lot of family members at a time. In this case, the toaster oven air fryer combo reviews the best toaster oven fryer is not for you. During cooking, you have to convulse the food in a toaster oven. You can use a toaster oven or air fryer combination. The toaster oven takes more minutes than other ovens to fry the food properly. So be safe and happy cooking.

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