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About Nazmin Sarker

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Nazmin Sarker is a national born in Bangladesh. He was born in Bangladesh, at Dinajpur Sadar. For more information please visit my Contact us.

nazmin sarker
Nazmin Sarker

Life Sketch:

His father’s name was Nur Islam and his mother’s name was Rehna Begum. His parents lost two children before his birth. So, they gave him the nickname Ria.

Early Life:

In his early life, Nazmin Sarker lost his mother. For this, he had struggled hard against poverty. In his boyhood, he was very precocious and naughty. He was admitted to a local Primary School.

But he did not obey the hard and fast rules of the school. He troubled the villagers with his boyish wicked deeds.

The villagers called him “Khepa”. After passing the Primary Examination he devoted himself to religion. He became advised in the village recipes rice for women cooked. There he taught the children the Holy Quran.

At this time he became well acquainted with Islamic lore which influenced his later recipes works to a great extent. He also entertained the village people through a theatrical party known as Letto and earned a name and fame.

Together we photograph our recipes from our home in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We’re not entirely vegetarian most of the recipes here are. I love to try new foods and create new recipes I will always have a soft spot for avocado toast and kale salads.

My favorite food on the planet is a ripe peach and Nazmin’s is mushrooms (in his opinion he’s a fun guy get it!) My goal here is to publish recipes that your family and your friends will not only love will want to make time and time again.

I hope to inspire you as a home cook and boost your confidence in the kitchen. Life is meant to enjoy just make it more and doesn’t good food

A few other random facts:

  • We recently relocated from Dhaka to my hometown Khulna.
  • We are travel addicts and our recipes are often inspire those experiences.
  • Our favorite places to travel to are Singapore and Australia. update: Newzealand!
  • My favorite thing about living in the Midwest summertime sweet corn
  • The thing I miss most about Austin: tacos
  • Nazmin doesn’t often cook he’s a master of molten chocolate cakes.
  • We both hate olives Nazmin isn’t convinced I’m ok with them now.
  • Lipon used to make the graphic designer and I used to be a youtube video. Now weblog full time!
  • Thanks for reading!
  • Author: Nazmin Sarker & Farman
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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.